The classics

Gazpacho with cherries, pistachio, feta cheese and basil oil.
Iberian ham and Manchego cheese with bread and tomato.
Iberian ham croquettes.
Provolone in panko and orange marmalade.
Magnum foie gras with almonds and Pedro Ximenez.
Tomato stuffed with goat cheese, onion jam, basil oil and walnut cloud.
Shrimp gyozas with our sauce and crispy rice.
Shrimp tempura with wasabi mayonnaise, red curry and creamy soy sauce.
Chicken wings with Japanese sauce.
Egg at low temperature with mashed potatoes and cod in a creamy garlic sauce.
Sea bass in homage to “Robert le Guru” roasted with aubergines, chantarellas, yoghurt and mango chutney.
Sole fillets with Thai marinade and orange cream.
Wagyu mini burger with rocket and parmesan.


Steak tartate tribute to “Caminito”.
Melon with ham in textures.
Smoked bass ceviche with tiger milk, coconut, sweet potato and kikos.
Cannelloni with avocado stuffed with tuna and Hawaiian poke.
Octopus karaoke with chickpea hummus and saffron mayonnaise.
Scallops with green curry, cashew nuts and marinated mustard seeds.
Taco of cochinita pibil with pico de gallo (rooster beak) and guacamole emulsion.
Our Pastrami sandwich.
Iberian tataki with beet cream, passion fruit and peach vanilla gel.
Black Angus with paged chimichurri and potato chips.

Baos artesanales

Angry chicken bao.
Low temperature chicken and our Mexico-Asian fusion with guacamole, carrot pickles, pickles and teriyaki mayonnaise.
Black bao.
Of txipirones all i oli of coriander and steamed onion.
The Korean classic.
Low temperature bacon with pickled pickles, crispy onions and sour cream.

Vegetables and neem tofu with satay sauce.
Zucchini, soy noodle and mango salad (feta cheese optional)
Sääm of carrots and steamed hummus onions.

Chocolate anarkia.
Our “Lemon Pie”.
Tangerine and basil cheesecake.
Panna-coco, mango gel and passion fruit sorbet.
Mojito in 2 textures.
Mint pineapple carpaccio with ginger ice cream.